A new age of Samurai grace the lands of Edo Japan. Will you fight to survive, or will you become another casualty?
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 Kyojin Set 1

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PostSubject: Kyojin Set 1   Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:28 pm

Basic Information
Item Name: Solstein

Item Abilities and Uses Is a solid black cleaver sword that is weighted down with iron to make it nearly impossible to break, only a very strong person will be able to lift it but its strong enough to hack apart a horse.... It's slow moving and hard to maneuver however its overall power would make it a must have for any large, hit taking, abuse loving person who needs a new weapon.

Item Description:

Price: 5 mon (reduced to 3 mon if haggled in RP)

In Stock: 1

Basic Information
Item Name: Wolf Pelts (Comes with small tanning rack)

Item Abilities and Uses Using pelts of any kind helps to make leather for armor straps, boot straps, leather armor, clothing, and tents as well as anything else you can think of to use leather for. A wolf pelt makes a leather big enough for about 5 fresh leather stripping.

Item Description:

Price: one wolf pelt is one mon.

In Stock:

Basic Information
Item Name: Spears and arrow heads package

Item Abilities and Uses You will get a bundle of 3 spears and a slew of arrow heads used for hunting mainly they are crudely made and not meant for a drawn out battle.

Item Description:
Price: 2 mon

In Stock: 3 seperate bundles (Special Sale)

Basic Information
Item Name: Plated Armor (Female)

Item Abilities and Uses Distinguished steel armor for the unique curves of a woman, snuggly fits the hips, crotch, and breast areas while also freeing up the more important battle areas such as the shoulders and knees. (Meant for speed not a constant assault from enemies it will take the damage from the constant more easy to strike areas in a battle of speed)

Item Description:

Price: 4 mon

In Stock: 2

Basic Information
Item Name: Sapphire Amulet of Ice

Item Abilities and Uses This beautiful genuine amulet is said to be cursed, once wore by a queen it is said to slowly freeze its wearer as the days go by.... This ancient artifact was dug up and captivated from a crypt and wound up in his possession by chance.

Item Description:

Price: 5 mon (If haggled in RP 2 mon and as a free thing a fitting to your custom size)
In Stock: 1
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Kyojin Set 1
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