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 The Founding Sciptures of Heaven and Earth.

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PostSubject: The Founding Sciptures of Heaven and Earth.    Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:00 am

Basic Information
Item Name: The Founding Scriptures of Heaven and Earth or The “Sutras from the Dawn of Time.”

Item Abilities and Uses The Tenchi Kaigen Kyoumon is made up of not only the Maten and Seiten scripture, but also three others: the Uten, Muten and Kouten. A priest chosen by Heaven who (under normal circumstances) have shakra on there foreheads is the guardian of the scriptures then can be more then one priest but no more then five at any given time.. Just as the Maten scripture has the power to purify evil, each of the scriptures are endowed with unique ability.

By itself, each of the scriptrues has great power--but in combination with any of the others, that power intensifies exponentially. The five together had been used in the creation of the world; if they were ever to be put together again, what could happen is just unimaginable.

Item Description: To most, these scriptures look like any other ordinary scroll, but to those who open it and read it know the truth behind the pristine, beautiful scrolls.

The Scriptures
The Maten ~ The Maten governs over evil and the yin principle.
The guardian Priest~ Tenrai Sanzo.

The Seiten ~ The Seiten governs over holiness and the yang principle.
The guardian Priest~ Tenrai Sanzo.

The Kouten~ The Kouten governs over the Unknown and the Infinite.
The Guardian Priestess~ Fumei Takaramono.

The Uten~ The Uten governs over Life and Existence
The Guardian Priest~ Gungen Kurutta.

The Muten~ The Muten governs over death and nothingness. One of the Founding Scriptures of Heaven and Earth. It administers “death” and “nothingness”, and falls under destruction. Its power is to bury all creation in a darkness blacker than night. It voids any and all attacks.
The Guardian Priest~ Gungen Kurutta.

Legend: Long ago, Shakyamuni Tathagata, spread forth a sutra across the heavens from which was born existence and void, light and dark. The earth was created. Thence where life and death came to be. Shakyamuni tore apart the Sutra into Five pieces and entrusted it's fate into the hands of the people below.
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The Founding Sciptures of Heaven and Earth.
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