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A new age of Samurai grace the lands of Edo Japan. Will you fight to survive, or will you become another casualty?
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  Byakuya Nobegane 白哉 延金

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Surname Name: Sumire Kyokan
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 Byakuya Nobegane  白哉  延金 Empty
PostSubject: Byakuya Nobegane 白哉 延金    Byakuya Nobegane  白哉  延金 I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 07, 2013 10:33 pm

Full Name: Byakuya Nobegane  白哉  延金
Meaning of Name: White Sword
*Nickname:  "Hitokiri Battōsai" ((Sword Drawing Human Slayer))
Sex: Male
Occupation/Rank: Ronin
Clan Affiliation: ((What family/clan are they from?)).

Age: 23
Eye Color: Crimson
Hair Color: White
Type of Build/Body: tall lean and athletically built.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: none

Skills: Champloo a blend of break dancing and martial arts that wields a unique style all it's own.

Complete Mastery of Battōjutsu (抜刀術 battō-jutsu?, art of sword drawing) is a Japanese term meaning techniques for engaging a sword. It is often used interchangeably with the terms iaijutsu, battōdō, or iaidō, although each term does have nuances in the Japanese language and different schools of Japanese martial arts may use them to differentiate between techniques (e.g. standing or sitting techniques). The emphasis of training in battō-jutsu is on cutting with the sword. All terms are somewhat more specific than kenjutsu (sword techniques) or kendō (the Way of the sword), as the latter two refer mostly to techniques where the sword is already out of its scabbard (saya) and is therefore engaged in combat.

Battō-jutsu usually incorporates multiple cuts after drawing the sword. The emphasis of training in iaidō is on reaction to unknown situations, or reacting to sudden attack.

It is unclear when the term battō-jutsu first originated. A notable early practitioner was Hayashizaki Jinsuke (c.1546–c.1621), the founder of the Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū and Musō Shinden-ryū schools. His remains are enshrined at Hayashizaki Jinja in the Tōhoku region of Japan.

Ryūha, or Japanese martial traditions, which teach battō-jutsu are relatively uncommon in Japan, and less common in the US and other countries.This is in contrast to the relatively high degree of availability of open hand training, such as karate and aikido. Here is a partial list of ryūha which include what could be called battōjutsu in the broad sense of drawing and cutting from the saya, although some of them more often use the terms iaidō, iaijutsu, or battōdō. That enables him to exercise superhuman speed and reflexes, study and predict his opponent's movements in battle, as well as perform many powerful sword techniques

Hirazuki~Equally skilled with shinai, bokken/bokutou, and katana, his signature technique was named the Mumyo-ken [7] (which roughly translates as "no light blade" or "unenlightened blade") or Sandanzuki (which translates as "Three Piece Thrust"), a technique that could attack one's neck, left shoulder, and right shoulder with one strike. (the Mumyo-ken supposedly could hit all three points simultaneously, but this is an embellishment.)[8] The Mumyo-ken was his own invention and may have been derived from an invention of Hijikata's, the Hirazuki. A technque mainly used for slashing downward, stabbing, and thrusts.
[Unique to Byakuya]****Gatotsu~  a special left-handed stab variant of the Hirazuki technique of the Shinsengumi,and its different stances.Over the years Nobegane developed the blade style with his left hand allowing for flawless attacks and the ability to reverse the blade form downward high impact thrusts to upward thrusts stabs and slashing. With the same devastating force.

Kenpo specialized~ Combining his various sword and fighting styles Byakuya came with with Futae no Kiwami ( (二重の極み?, lit. "Mastery of the Two Layers")... with the assistance of a traveling Monk. .Futae no Kiwami is a special art in which the user performs two hits in quick succession with any part of his body. The first hit with the proximal interphalangeal joint neutralizes the hardness of the target, then the second blow, struck with the proximal phalanx, breaks the target before it recovers from the force of the first blow.

As a master swordsman of his own style, Byakuya's abilities have earned him a second rarer heard nickname. Ten meaning Heaven and Ken meaning Sword, "Tenken" means swordsmanship of natural endowments).His shukuchi utilizes such powerful speed that, to an observer, it appears that the distance between the two fighters has shrunk (hence the name shukuchi, which means "reduced earth").In modern Japanese martial arts, shukuchi refers to a sudden movement into an enemy's maai (space) or blind spot to attack. This definition is relatively recent, and is, therefore, used somewhat differently by various schools. If he's moving only a step below 'Shukuchi' he is able to attack from an omni-directional angle utilizing not only horizontal but vertical space. Once in true 'Shukuchi' he completely disappears and can not be seen. Due to having having both Battojutsu and Shukuchi he has developed a sword technique Unique to Byakuya alone called Shuntensatsu (瞬天殺?, lit. "Instant Heaven Kill"), meaning "immediate killing by heaven's sword". It is named this because the speed behind the attack is so swift that the opponent dies instantly before falling to the floor.

Attitude/Personality: Byakuya has a strong independent and highly creative nature. He has drive and ambition to experiences and accomplish things out of the ordinary.

He can work intently with whatever is new and holds his interest at the moment, but his interest quickly wanes when drudgery and monotony set in.

Obstacles to his progress or restrictions on his freedom to act create a sense of frustration which may cause him to feel resentful and even rebellious. He can then become intolerant of others, and caustic, belittling in his expressions. Thereby imposing stress on his personal relationships.

He has a clever, quick and capable mind, progress in life is restricted by instability in his affairs and misunderstandings with people in general.

Impulsive in nature it can lead to actions that he later regrets taking or to even accidents. Relaxation is elusive, and depletion due to nervous tension can develop to the point where he becomes subject to moods of depression and morbid thoughts.

Nervous tension centers in the solar plexus, with nervous indigestion and stomach ulcers a possible result.

Images For character:
 Byakuya Nobegane  白哉  延金 Rin-sh10
History: Byakuya's master adopted him as a small child barely old enough to understand anything and began training him putting him through things that Byakuya swore he would not survive and yet somehow did. AS he grew older and mastered the Battojutsu from his master a rare and hard to find but technique he also learned the Hirazuki and showed incredible speed by developing his Shukuchi all at the same time. Desiring to move faster in order to survive his cruel master who enjoyed calling him 'Baka' and torturing him.

At the age of 12 he mastered the Battoujutsu that his master sought to teach him as his master fell before his blade. It was then that Byakuya set out traveling by the time he was thirteen his days of free travel ended as he became part of the Imperial Army....becoming one of there most treasured Hitokiri.

Born on Tokara Island it was were he learned and grew up he knows those lands and swore that if anything ever happened he would return there. By the time he was eighteen things had changed in the army. He was a Bushi there was no doubt about that but not a high ranking official having been offered many times to be promoted he refused always saying over and over again. "A sword so stained in blood should not be rewarded." For he had slandered against the philosophies that his Master had imparted to him. 'A blade wielded in my name shall defend the weak' was the lesson that his master wished to teach him he had failed to uphold that.

Now having left at the age of nineteen and wandering all over Japan he knew he had to further his skills and came across a traveling monk who shared with him a theory about the wasted power in one's swing with there bare hands. Already having a basis in Kenpo he sough to further that and worked hard on it until he developed a means to strike and destroy something in one blow. As well as during his travels refining his Gatotsu. Now his skills are uniform and he has earned the second nickname. A force to be reckoned with but he still refuses to kill......

Byakuya has chosen to live his life repenting for the lives that have been lost on the edge of his blade. However he has returned for the time being to the island that he grew up on and it is there that thing begin to change at the age of 23 he still has a long way to go..........
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Byakuya Nobegane 白哉 延金
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