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A new age of Samurai grace the lands of Edo Japan. Will you fight to survive, or will you become another casualty?
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 Tōki Hana 冬季花

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PostSubject: Tōki Hana 冬季花   Tōki Hana 冬季花 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 09, 2013 1:14 am

Full Name: Tōki Hana 冬季花
Meaning of Name: Winter Flowers
Sex: Female
Shrine: Ameri Shrine.

Eye Color: Azure Blue
Hair Color: Snow White
Type of Build/Body: Small Delicate and gentle.
Height: 5'6"
Distinguishing Marks:She has a blue stone in the center of her forehead marking her position.

Shinto teaches that everything contains a kami (神 "spiritual essence"?, commonly translated as god or spirit). Shinto's spirits are collectively called yaoyorozu no kami (八百万の神?), an expression literally meaning "eight million kami", but interpreted as meaning "myriad", although it can be translated as "many Kami". There is a phonetic variation kamu and a similar word among Ainu kamui. There is an analog "mi-koto".

Kami is generally accepted to describe the innate supernatural force that is above the actions of man, the realm of the sacred, and is inclusive of gods, spirit figures, and human ancestors.[citation needed] All mythological creatures of the Japanese cultural tradition, of the Buddhistic tradition, Christian God, Hindu gods, Islamic Allah, various angels and demons of all faiths among others are considered Kami for the purpose of Shinto faith.

The kami reside in all things, but certain places are designated for the interface of people and kami (the common world and the sacred): sacred nature, shrines, and kamidana. There are natural places considered to have an unusually sacred spirit about them, and are objects of worship. They are frequently mountains, trees, unusual rocks, rivers, waterfalls, and other natural edifices. In most cases they are on or near a shrine grounds. The shrine is a building built in which to house the kami, with a separation from the "ordinary" world through sacred space with defined features based on the age and lineage of the shrine. The kamidana is a home shrine (placed on a wall in the home) that is a "kami residence" that acts as a substitute for a large shrine on a daily basis. In each case the object of worship is considered a sacred space inside which the kami spirit actually dwells, being treated with the utmost respect and deference.

Ema are small wooden plaques that wishes or desires are written upon and left at a place in the shrine grounds so that one may get a wish or desire fulfilled. They have a picture on them and are frequently associated with the larger Shrines.

Ofuda are talismans—made of paper, wood, or metal—that are issued at shrines. They are inscribed with the names of kamis and are used for protection in the home. They are typically placed in the home at a kamidana. Ofuda may be kept anywhere, as long as they are in their protective pouches, but there are several rules about the proper placement of kamidana. They are also renewed annually.

Omamori are personal-protection amulets that sold by shrines. They are frequently used to ward off bad luck and to gain better health. More recently, there are also amulets to promote good driving, good business, and success at school. Their history lies with Buddhist practice of selling amulets.

Omikuji are paper lots upon which personal fortunes are written.

A daruma is a round, paper doll of the Indian monk, Bodhidharma. The recipient makes a wish and paints one eye; when the goal is accomplished, the recipient paints the other eye. While this is a Buddhist practice, darumas can be found at shrines, as well. These dolls are very common.

Other protective items include dorei, which are earthenware bells that are used to pray for good fortune. These bells are usually in the shapes of the zodiacal animals: hamaya, which are symbolic arrows for the fight against evil and bad luck; and Inuhariko, which are paper dogs that are used to induce and to bless good births.

Traditional Miko tools include azusayumi (梓弓 or “catalpa bow”)[7] the tamagushi (玉串 or “offertory sakaki-tree branches”)and the gehōbako (外法箱 or the “supernatural box that contains dolls, animal and human skulls ... [and] Shinto prayer beads”).

The miko also use “bells, drums, candles, and bowls of rice” in their ceremonies. Able to purify things with a touch, use sacred arrows and see evil and good spirits are just a few things that a True Miko can do.

She can use her powers to seemingly summon a blue phoenix the sacred Suzaku to help and assist her........although it exhausts her to no end it's in truth a gathering and condensing of spirit particles around her.
Tōki Hana 冬季花 A-ride10
Attitude/Personality: Pure, gentle, warm and a true Miko through and through she was born with unusually high spiritual pressure that allows her to perform as a sacred Shinto Priestess or Miko.

Images For character:
Tōki Hana 冬季花 Anime_10

History: Toki's past is similar to her sisters to a point except she wasn't skilled or athletic enough to be a ninja or samurai so instead she went to become a Shinto Shrine maiden when they learned she had the ability to see the Kami. Sent there she spent her life learning and studying so when she was suddenly accused of breaking and selling off pieces of a sacred object she had no choice but to leave because she could not repent for it.

They were not willing to let her going believing that she had a impure act to beg the Kami for forgiveness for and it was then that Mayo came and got her out. Together they travel across all of japan looking for either the sacred treasure in one piece of any piece of it to restore it and return it to appease the angry Kami over it's sweet and gentle as she can be she can be just as fiery don't try to flirt with her if she considers you's dangerous.
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Tōki Hana 冬季花
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