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A new age of Samurai grace the lands of Edo Japan. Will you fight to survive, or will you become another casualty?
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 Tenrai Sanzo (天来三蔵)

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PostSubject: Tenrai Sanzo (天来三蔵)   Tenrai Sanzo (天来三蔵) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 11, 2013 11:11 pm

Full Name: Tenrai Sanzō (天来三蔵)
Meaning of Name: Divine Sanzo
*Nickname: Sanzo
Sex: Genderless (Appears Male)
Occupation/Rank: Rebel/Sohei
Army/Military Affiliation: None
Shrine/School: Unknown

Age: 21
Eye Color: silvery gray/Silvery blue
Hair Color: Deep chestnut brown/Mahogany brown with glittering golden accents
Type of Build/Body: lean athletic and well built.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115lbs
Distinguishing Marks: In the center of his forehead is a red circle a 'chakra' or mark of his father. On the inside of his left leg are several Lotus flowers around a wooden 'Sword' with Kanji '光' for light. Markings he was born with. Draped over his shoulders is usually the Maten and Seiten Sutra's. Glasses when reading as he is insanely far sighted.

Immunity to Illness
Ability to purify Evil spirits He has the ability to purify or banish a good majority of evil spirits channeling his energy into the gun and firing the 'banishing gun' but high level full blood evil spirits take the Maten Sutra. He can't do it on his own since he's not a full blood.
Ability to see 'Good' or 'Evil' Aura's.
Inability to get drunk.
AS well as various other minor gifts being of deity nature.

Expert marksmen (Banishing Gun)
Expert martial artist
Maui Thai
Maten Sutra~ {Scripture of Darkness} one of the five Tenshi Kaigen or "Sutras of Heaven and Earth". The sacred sutra's powers protect it from accumulating any signs of damage or wear, despite its being worn in all sorts of weather every day for years.In order to use the scripture he must recite a mantra, ending in the command Makai Tenjo, at which point, the scripture is activated.The sutra sends all evil back into the darkness or oblivion, along with various other 'evil' or Yin abilities.

Seiten Sutra~(Scriptures of Holiness) one of the five Tenshi Kaigen or "Sutras of Heaven and Earth"

The Seiten Scripture governs over holiness and the Yang principle. The sutra's powers protect it from accumulating any signs of damage or wear, despite it's being worn in all sorts of weather every day for years. In order to use the scripture he must recite a mantra, at which point, the scripture is activated.' The scripture has the power to heal and to purify anything that has been corrupted or tainted. Among various other 'holy' abilities.
Sōhei (僧兵 lit. "monk warriors";?, fighting monks[1]) were Buddhist warrior monks of feudal Japan. At certain points of history they held considerable power, obliging the imperial and military governments to collaborate.

Sōhei were quite varied in their armament. The naginata is the weapon most often associated with them, though in legend as well as history many warrior monks are known to have been proficient with everything from bow and arrow to tantō and wakizashi (dagger and shortsword). Many fought on horseback, and many with the Ō-yoroi armor of the samurai.

Warrior monks, like most other Buddhist monks of related sects, wore a series of kimono-like robes over one another, usually white underneath, and tan or saffron yellow on top; this style has changed very little since the introduction of Buddhism to Japan in the 7th century. Footwear traditionally consisted of tabi socks and geta (wooden clogs), or waraji straw sandals. Warrior monks would often fold and tie the white headcowl to cover more of their head, or would substitute a hachimaki headband. Finally, many warrior monks would wear some form of samurai armor.

The sōhei employed a variety of weapons. The obi, or belt, of the kimono would often be supplemented with a heavier sash, so a sword could be slung from it. The tachi style of sword was probably the most common, though many monks may have carried tantō as well. Many monks were also accomplished archers, and used bamboo-and-rattan bows, called daikyū, with bamboo arrows. The most traditional weapon of the monk, however, was the naginata, a weapon much like the European glaive or halberd. The sōhei were also trained to use the heavy kanabō, which was a large staff or club forged of solid iron. Although deadly, this weapon was generally used to defeat an opponent without bloodshed.

The Ikkō-ikki monks of the 16th century, due largely to their origins as countryside mobs, were far more varied in their armor and armament. Many wore the more traditional monk robes, with varying degrees and types of armor. Many wore various sorts of helmets, while many others opted for the straw hat and cloak of a peasant. Naginata remained very common, along with a variety of swords and daggers, and a limited number of arquebuses (with the Saika Ikki being a notable exception, as they are mainly composed of musketeers and gunsmiths as per Saika Magoichi's standard of having an all-musketeer army). Finally, while not truly armor nor armament, a very common item wielded by the mobs of Ikkō-ikki monk warriors was a banner with a Buddhist slogan written upon it. One of the more common slogans was the chant 'Hail to the Amida Buddha!' (Namu Amida Butsu).

Looks like a Deity if he doesn't smoke the 'Cigarette' every so often. Glittering skin radiant mahogany hair with golden accents silver blue eyes that aren't of this world and completely genderless. Although he appears male he's more then just male.

Tenrai no matter how much he loves someone can not allow them to have him completely because if the relationship becomes impure in any shape he'll loose his divine powers and become mortal. Having never been sick a day in his life his body has no immunity to even the common cold and it will kill him. So in order to prevent that he tends to be a bit wild in relationships going straight into the love making in keeping his lover from exploring and making certain then take him solely as a 'male' maintaining the innocence of the female.

Like all Kami he has 'two minds and Two souls' He can nurture and love when respected, or he can cause destruction and disharmony when disregarded. He has a gentle 'soul' or Nigi-mitama and the Assertive soul (ara-mitama) Although with Tenrai it's usually the Assertive Soul that is in the for-front unless he's truly upset. As well as the Sachi-mitama (happy soul) and Kushi-mitama (Mysterious soul). Basically separate aspects of himself.

If you meet the Buddha kill the Buddha, if you meet your father kill your father. Free of everything, not bound by anything, live your life as it is.

He is not a very open person to anyone often seeing the most trifling of things to be annoying. Not overly fond of children or animals. Indifferent, short tempered, and a rational thinker....most of the time he won't fight unless he absolutely has to. He solves most problems by threatening, shooting at it or smacking it with a large paper fan. When resting he can be found with reading glasses on and reading a paper, usually with either a beer, or tea.....and a cigarette between his lips........

Despite his gruff and impersonal attitude he does care deeply for those close to him and will come to another's aid if they are in need.

Although he never actually took....the Buddhist vows and seems to hold all divinities in contempt, he maintains a few monastic habits. He eats very sparingly and his favorite dish continues to be rice steeped in green tea, a typical monks meal. He refuses to lecture on religious teachings when asked, but often delivers philosophical points with blunt and direct insight when people need advice.

The one teaching of his masters that he continues to hold in high regard is 'Muichimotsu' [Mu (none, nothing), Ichi (one), Motsu (to hold): so "Hold not one(thing)", or "hold nothing"], a precept that forbids forming any attachments in the material world.

Images For character:
Tenrai is the one in Purple.
Tenrai Sanzo (天来三蔵) Hanaka10

Tenrai Sanzo (天来三蔵) Tenrai10
History: His mother Neiko fall in love with a man who had been passing through, several days into there courting she laid with him under the light of the moon. Afterwards she discovered that this otherworldly beautiful being was none other then Ame no Minaka-nushi no Kami ("Sacred Musubi Deity") the first of all of the diety's of Heaven and Earth. One of the Zoka-Sanshin (Three gods of Creation) who are said to be genderless or Hitorigami.

Neiko struggled with her pregnancy after that, unmarried, unwed and with child she was often stared down at and yet she carried her head with pride for she knew who her child's father was. Childbirth was not easy at all for her and she had gone to a temple to have her baby. Once there when he was born she fell ill and the Monks who offered her shelter during her hard labor took the boy in. Naming him Tenrai Sanzo, 'Divine' and Sanzo indicating there was no true last name. For even they had a hard time believing that this child was a Hankami.

But since birth the mark in the center of his forehead was there and it became clear by the time he was ten that he did indeed possess divine powers. Never once as his mother's health waned and his simple touch soothed her illness, his skin continually began to glow radiating light more and more as each day passed. His hair and eyes were not that of this world. Chosen at this young age to be one of Guardian Monks of the Tenshi Kaigen, his sutra's is always around his neck he doesn't always wear everything of his station. He wears his robes though but Underneath the robes, he's usually wearing simple blue-jeans and a thin, tight-fitting mock-turtleneck with not sleeves, with black finger-less gloves connecting to slave-rings on each hand. He's got a decent handful of scars, mostly not visible in his normal dress, all of which are fairly old. He originally wore black tabi socks and straw sandals on his feet, but later switched to black boots.

His mother died the winter he gained the Sutra's. Passing on and leaving him behind years passed as he was attacked and fought with knocked down and treated horrible and then the three Mercies arrived giving him the 'cigarettes' a gift from his father a pack that never ran out and so long as he smoked them he would appear as mortal as everyone else hiding everything down to his divine aura and scent. A father that he had never once met in his entire life. At the age of eighteen the faint mark he had barely noticed or paid any mind to on his left leg became clearer. Another indication of where he was from. Now a few years later he travels the world doing the bidding of the mercies and just trying to figure out his place in this world.........even if that place is painful.
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Tenrai Sanzo (天来三蔵)
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