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A new age of Samurai grace the lands of Edo Japan. Will you fight to survive, or will you become another casualty?
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 Akihiko Katsuo

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PostSubject: Akihiko Katsuo   Akihiko Katsuo I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 05, 2013 2:55 am

Full Name: Akihiko Katsuo
Meaning of Name: "bright prince." "victorious child."
*Nickname: ((This is optional))
Sex: Male

Age: 30
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Type of Build/Body: Masculine yet thin
Height: 6ft
Distinguishing Marks: Bright blonde hair

Skills: He is very good at haggling and working the people in his area for all they are willing to give. He has some skill with a sword enough to protect himself should one of his more shady deals goes south and fast, he has a lot of under ground workings in order to make deals with criminals.... He usually doesn't use them unless he needs more product... He has a few hunters and forgers dealing with him as well.

Attitude/Personality: He's a bit of a pervert and a crappy business man when women pick up on that small fact.... He can be kind and he can be a jerk and he is very good at tricking people into getting a better price for him if they make him mad... He is a master haggler and a grade A person for finding rare items as a side job he hunts for old relics to sell and he has connections with a few hunters, forges and some more.... Dark places...
Images For character:
Akihiko Katsuo Sunoha10

Akihiko Katsuo Sunoha10


Travel Arc: Akihiko was a young man that always was babied up until the day his parents died when they passed away they left him a fortune...... When his main house burned down by a nearby gang.... He lost everything...... From that point on he has gathered together a few select people from hunters to forgers and began selling merchandise for a living.....
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Akihiko Katsuo
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