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A new age of Samurai grace the lands of Edo Japan. Will you fight to survive, or will you become another casualty?
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 Kiyoi Ao (清い青)

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Kiyoi Ao (清い青) Empty
PostSubject: Kiyoi Ao (清い青)   Kiyoi Ao (清い青) I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 02, 2013 6:31 pm

Full Name: Kiyoi Ao (清い青).
Meaning of Name: Pure Blue.
*Nickname: Hisui (Jade/翡翠).
Sex: Male.
Occupation/Rank:  Sōhei.
Army/Military Affiliation: None.
Shrine: Kōfuku-ji.
School: Hossō.

Age: 24.
Eye Color: Silverish Blue.
Hair Color: White.
Type of Build/Body:
Distinguishing Marks:


Attitude/Personality: Kiyoi is a very calm individual. He rarely speaks out of turn, and is considered to be a very docile, gentle man. However, this isn't truly the case. He's simply just very well adapted to bitting his tongue and minding his manners.

A adamant fighter, he is well trained and very strong. A very opinionated individual, he will surly tell you if he believes what you've said or done is wrong. However, for the most part, he remains silent.

Images For character:
Kiyoi Ao (清い青) Completely_by_feimo_zps8a918164

Kiyoi Ao (清い青) Oriental_east_by_feimo_zps94553a5a

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Kiyoi Ao (清い青)
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